Monday, 4 November 2013

A tentative toe in the blogging world

For years I have been scoffing at the idea of me, a teacher librarian, having a blog. What would I write about? Why would I write? And perhaps more to the point, who would read it? Over the past few months I've toyed with the idea and finally sat down over the weekend to brainstorm blog ideas and question my sanity. Because, as any teacher librarian will tell you, adding more to the already jammed packed plate is just not wise. Not wise at all. Shouldn't I be reading journal articles or trying out some tech that I can introduce to teachers or, better yet, reading YA books? And yet, here I am typing away.

And why? Perhaps because seven years into this teacher librarian job I am starting to feel like I'm beginning to understand librarianship. Well, I'm not running around scattered quite so often. Today, when a colleague asked for a trolley of science books at 8:15 for her 9:00 class I just took the request in stride and in those 45 minutes I got the books together and delivered, met with her about the project and talked to the drama teacher about an idea we had discussed about drama 7. Don't get me wrong, my library isn't quiet and calm. Indeed, it's a seemingly chaotic place but one I'm starting to understand and appreciate. Yes, I miss the control of the classroom, of knowing exactly what was going to happen next but I do love the challenge of the unknown. And in the library, you never know what issue is walking in the door next.

That steep learning curve that everyone talks about, well it's plateaued for me and I'm ready to better my library program and my teacher librarianship. I've turned to Twitter and found a wonderful TL PLN that's pushing me to re examine what I do. I've stumbled across TL blogs that leave me gobsmacked and make me realize I have a long way to go still. A TL PLN can humble and inspire in the same breath and what more could any TL want?

As I start this next endeavour, I would like to thank @SnowHydro for her inspiring and courageous writing. With you in my corner @SnowHydro, I can do no wrong. I would also like to thank @literateowl for being an incredibly supportive colleague. I'm very fortunate to have a strong LSA that I can lean on and learn from.


  1. Yay welcome to blogging! Have added you to my account so I know when you post new stuff. :)

    1. Scary stuff this writing business.

    2. Had better be. That means you're writing good stuff. :)