Tuesday, 19 November 2013

TEAMS Award and AASL

Jenn Craig, an incredible grade 7 Social Studies/English teacher, and I collaborated on a project last year called "Create a Civilization".  It was this PBL project that we submitted and won the middle school division of the Gale/LMC TEAMS award for 2013.  (A video of our project, produced by Don Wellman of 248Pencils can be viewed here).  As part of the award, Gale and LMC sent us to the American Association of School Libraries (AASL) National Convention in Hartford.

While at the AASL, I was fortunate to attend two sessions that I thought were simply incredible.  The first was Hilda Weisburg's (@hildkw) session on strategic planning which was humorous and informative.  Hilda's approach to advocacy resonated with me and after the session, I sat down and wrote out both my vision and mission statements and hammered out 2 realistic goals for my library program. 

The other incredible session I attended was Jennifer Reed's (@libraryreeder), "Challenge your four walls with a Twitter PLN".  Jennifer's calm, professional, and polite approach to the topic was delightful.  I learned a few tricks and found some new TLs to follow.

What I loved about being at such a large convention was the buzz that was happening everywhere - from the sessions to Starbucks, people were talking librarianship.  Let's be honest, a teacher librarian conference is a pretty friendly and positive conference.  I found that everyone was willing to talk and share whether it be great advocacy ideas, project ideas or good book titles.  Thank you Gale/LMC and AASL for an experience of a lifetime.

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