Wednesday, 1 January 2014

11 answers and questions

One of my TL mentors, Al Smith passed on this challenge to me.  I had to come up with 11 things about me, answer his 11 questions and pose 11 questions myself.  So here goes.

11 things about me.
1. I taught myself how to swim 13 years ago.
2. Now I swim 5 times a week
3. I love CBC radio
4. Seriously, I love CBC radio and have been listening since my early teens.
5. I don't own a TV
6. Which is a good thing because I would otherwise be watching sports all the time.
7. Growing up I wanted to be a sports broadcaster
8. After my hopes of being a NHL player were dashed.
9. I don't know how to skate.
10. And I really don't like the cold.
11. I was born in Winnipeg.

My responses to the posed questions:
 1. How do you balance time spent on professional and personal life?
Balance?  There are TLs that know how to balance the two? 
 2. Where do you want to go in the world that you haven’t been yet?
It's a long list but Rome is number one.
 3. If you were Mr. Harper, what would your priority legislation be next week?
Money into science research and development
 4. What was the last book you read? Did it have a movie adaptation?
I'm currently reading Cleopatra Confesses. No movie adaptation
 5. In what school/position was/is memorable to you? Why?
TL at CNB. Because I love it.
 6. What is a health issue or advocacy you hold sincere?
Public health care 
 7. What is the source you rely on most for news about what’s going on in the world?
CBC all the way
 8. Can you name the 5 CanadaReads titles and/or authors? Have you read any? Check > ( )
Not off the top of my head and I doubt it because I only read YA these days.
 9. Why is liberalism a dying political philosophy or is it?
I'm not answering an essay question here but today's world is all about the extremes. No one is interested in the middle.
 10. If you could advise and/or act on a solution for a more environmental and economically sustainable Canada what would you contribute?
It would have to be something to do with public transit.
 11. If answering these 11 with me, What wine would you select?
Whatever wine you would drink.

11 questions for no one in particular and are really questions I need to answer, thanks to Library Girl:

1. What PD goals do you have for the coming year?
2. What is your favourite web tool?
3. How is success to be measured in your library?
4. How can you communicate with all stakeholders why the library is important?
5. What leadership role will you take on this year?
6. How will you increase communication and thus collaboration with your colleagues?
7. What one new initiative are you going to take on and see through until the end?
8. How will you increase your PLN?
9. Review the library space. What one thing needs to be updated/revamped?
10. What professional resource are you going to read this year?
11. Who are your mentors?

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