Friday, 19 September 2014

Goals for the new year

I don't think I'm alone on this one.  I always feel like September is the new year and the time to make resolutions and set goals.  I find the countdown to the beginning of the school year exciting because the year has the potential of being the best one yet.  This year, the start of the school year has been delayed by 3 weeks because of our province's labour dispute with the teachers. The strike now over, this weekend has become the last weekend before school starts.  As I have done in previous school years, I've set some goals.

1. Blogging. I plan to blog all year. I know this sounds like an easy one, but I really see this as being a personal goal and we all know that personal goals seem to drop off before any others.

2. Twitter. I love Twitter. I love learning via Twitter and the power of my PLN.  I would really like to participate in more chats and be more active in those chats.

3. PBL project. I am a huge fan of PBL. This year I would like to collaborate with a colleague to create a stunning project that challenges me immensely and makes me grin at the end product.

4. Library space. Last year the library had many major updates and I am so pleased with the results. This year I would love to continue changing the library space and incorporate more games (I have lego and chess and checkers) and more comfortable, teen-friendly furniture.

Along with these 4 major goals I have many little goals, ranging from updating the sports section in the non fiction collection to book talking in more classes. I know that I am full of hope for the year.  Here's hoping I am not overwhelmed by Wednesday of next week.

What's your number one goal for the school year?

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