Monday, 10 November 2014

Weeding the entire library: 6 major changes

We are entering year two of transforming the library into a more modern space that students enjoy and can call their own.  As a result, we are weeding the library from books to furnishings!

1. The books
We've gone through the books carefully to make sure there's nothing grungy or out of date. I've had to part with some books that I've loved but that weren't read by the students. I don't want students hunting for good books, all the books should be fabulous.

2. The security system
We tore up the security system figuring that really students don't steal books and it's not very inviting to walk through a security system. I decided that if students are stealing books that we sign out for free...

3. The artwork
We asked the art 9 students to take our bulletin boards and paint them with birch trees and they look stunning. Two art 9 students painted the northern lights on our doors. We have the words: create, imagine and inspire also painted by students. It's important for students to see their own work in the library and I'm amazed at how talented the students are.

4. The seating
We have started to carve out a reading nook in the library and started with three circular chairs. Our goal for this year is to expand that space and incorporate some beanbag chairs there.  We also tore apart my office and transformed that into a collaborative space for students and teachers.

5. The workspace
We are in the process of redesigning our computer space. We have a work order in to remove the old computer pods and are trying to create computer islands.  The hope is to add charging stations to the islands.

6. The walls
We have decorated almost every available wall space with wallpaper, vinyl quotes, and canvas posters. It always amazes us how quickly the students notice when we add something new!

We still have a long way to go but I love walking into the library each and every morning and looking at the space.  It is a more comfortable space and I believe the space greatly impacts the mood of both students and teachers.  I know the library makes me smile but that might just be the teacher librarian in me.

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