Wednesday, 10 December 2014

5 easy displays that rock

My library assistant and I find it challenging to create library displays that are a perfect fit for middle school students.  We don't want anything too young nor do we want anything too corny.  A lot of the examples we see on Pinterest are just not us.  And so I thought I'd put together a post of the window displays that we have done. And by we, I mean the library assistant who incredibly creative.

 "These books BLUE us away" display

A quick and easy display of great reads with blue covers. If you decide to throw this display together, you will be shocked by how many blue book covers there are in your collection

"Banned Books" display

One of my favourite displays.  My library assistant took a discarded book and burnt it and added flames.  Then the displayed books all had accompanying banned notes attached to them, explaining why they were banned.  The students loved this display and many conversation started as a result of this display.

"Become a Serial Reader"

The "Become a Serial Reader" display is another quick but effective display.  What I like about this is that is updates students on books that have come in.  Some students are surprised to discover that a book two has been published since they read book one.  Indeed it is often difficult to stay on top of new releases in a series.

"Remembrance Day" and "Movember"

For November we had "Remembrance Day".  This display was comprised of only World War I books to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the 1914 start of the Great War.  A simple display bordered with poppies.  Our "Movember" display was the usual - mustaches on books.  Some of these great mustaches are from Scholastic's printables.  I highly recommend Scholastic's Instructor magazine which is full of wonderful ideas that you can incorporate in the library.

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