Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Reviewing my resolutions

I was sitting helping some grade 9s with their genetics projects and we somehow got on to the topic of New Year's resolutions. My main focus this year is to improve the reflection component of collaboration and so I began reflecting on my work related goals for 2015. With February now here, I thought I'd see how those resolutions are coming along.

1. Applications. My goal was three applications this year for awards or grants. I have two partial applications completed with due dates a couple of months away. I am feeling pretty good about this resolution. Now to find a third award or grant...

2. Time. I wanted to take back my lunches and I knew that this goal would be very difficult. So far I have managed to take back one lunch a week and that's been a struggle. I really do need to work on this resolution a bit more. The other part of this resolution was making sure I set time aside for individuals that I don't usually collaborate with. This, I feel, I have been doing okay with but I still have a lot of room for improvement.

3. Leadership. I've started the Leadership Academy and so far so good. I'm keeping an open mind and trying to learn as much as I can. I was very nervous about this, but I think I am doing just fine in the program.

4. Redesigning. I want to continue to update the library and we have been doing that this year (well, the library assistant is running with this). We had an amazing googly eye book display and a fairy tale display in January. We also added 3 bean bag chairs to our reading nook which have been popular. We also had our printer moved which has greatly improved our sightlines in the library and has given me a clean space to work at the circulation counter.

5. Balance. Another tricky one that clearly is on my list for a reason. Need to work on finding the balance between work and family.

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  1. Come and eat lunch in the foozball room! It's a barrel of laughs.