Friday, 6 March 2015

Argh. That frustrating time of year.

A colleague of mine told me recently that she thought non enrolling teachers should move every twelve years.  By the twelfth year, a non enrolling teacher's plate is typically overflowing with those tasks that people have come to expect you to do and it is very hard to get any one item off the plate. Starting at a new school allows you to sit back and figure out the school and what you want to take on. In the midst of my twelfth year at CNB, I have that itch to change things up.

It certainly is that time of year.  I am noticing that my colleagues are tired and wondering about this teaching gig. Is it this hard everywhere? Are all the little things piling up for other teachers at other schools? Or is it just me that's feeling like every time I take a step forward, I am knocked back a couple? After two very frustrating days of unanswered emails, vague talks that didn't address anything and a couple of snide comments, I am finding myself wondering what could I possibly do to make things better?

I don't have clear answers but I've started concentrating on working with students. I am focussing on why I became a teacher in the first place and working with teenagers is incredible. They'll answer you, being anything but vague and be snide with a dash of humor. I had awesome conversations with students today and that alone made me smile.

I have to remind myself that this feeling happens every year. I get frustrated with the lack of everything. What I should do is stop and think about what is fabulous about my work. What's fabulous? My colleagues, the students, and my library. Got to keep focusing on the positive.

But I'll be looking at the May job postings along with my colleagues.

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