Tuesday, 5 May 2015


For the month of April, I decided to take part in the shelf challenge, organized by Colleen Graves. Having participated in 2014, I knew what was expected of me; I had to pick a shelf in the library and read all the book covers on that one shelf. I decided to pick the Y/Z authors because it is such an overlooked shelf.  I also challenged myself to not only read the covers but also read what was between the covers.

In total, I had 27 young adult novels to tackle. At the end of the month, I had started reading 2 books, read 13 of the novels, weeded 1 and was familiar with them all. Although my statistics aren't outstanding, what is interesting is what I gained from the shelf challenge.

1. I rediscovered author Gabrielle Zevin. I read the Birthright trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed the books. She is now one of my go-to authors.

2. I have added Blood Red Road by Moira Young to my summer reading list as well as The Program by Suzanne Young.

3. It was a challenge to solely read Y/Z authors. Books that I really wanted to read were piling up and becoming artistic leaning piles that my husband was giving the side-eye. As soon as the shelf challenge ended, I devoured Vanishing Girls by L. Oliver and Saint Anything by S. Dessen.

4. It was reaffirming to see that we have really good books in the library and the collection is pretty darn clean, even on the often neglected Y/Z shelf.

I think next year's challenge might be to read the Teacher Reference section... Sign me up, Colleen!

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