Sunday, 7 June 2015

Best Non Fiction of the school year

There have been oodles of fabulous non fiction books that I've been happy to add to our middle school library collection this school year but I have had 4 favourites. In no particular order:

Image result for oh she glows cookbook1. The oh she glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon

I ordered this cookbook after the Foods teacher requested it. When it came in, the Foods teacher was so pleased with it that she ordered a copy for herself and suggested that I look at it. I had it on the circulation counter to take home when a colleague came in, saw it and asked to sign it out. I finally have it in my possession and it is delightful. I have many recipes marked to try when I have some time. I guess that means July.

Image result for 10 rivers book2. 10 Rivers that Shaped the World by Marilee Peters

This book just came in and I already love it. As we toy with the idea of moving toward more theme based teaching, I see this book as a great resource. Even if we (or you) don't teach with a thematic approach this is still a great book to use with the current BC Social Studies grade 7 curriculum which is all about Ancient Civilizations. Nice middle school student friendly layout.

Image result for dk publishing what on earth3. When on Earth (DK Publishing)

Also brand new to the CNB library, this book caught my attention right away. I know that the social studies teacher in me loves any history non fiction that comes in but this book is a little different. I love how the history is presented in a very visual manner. Most importantly, I like how the geography is basis for the visuals, clearly showing how geography greatly influences history. A very lovely book that should be a part of every school collection.

4. The Weird series
Weird Insects by Michael Worak, Weird Birds by Chris Earley, and Weird Frogs by Chris Earley

Image result for weird birds bookImage result for weird insects book series

These books are beautiful with stunning photos. I picked these up for the Art teacher and her students but they have been very popular with the non fiction crew. There really are some weird insects, birds and frogs out there. I hope more books will be added to this series
Image result for weird frogs book

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