Monday, 22 June 2015

Reflections on a school year

Apparently my last blog post was a little too sad. Today I'm reflecting on the positives of the past school year.

Things I'm proud of:
1. The strength of the library program.
     We have a vibrant library program that is heavily utilized by most classes. The library's collection is strong - both on the fiction and the non fiction side of things - and well used.

2. What incredibly strong readers we have.
     It always amazes me how strong our readers are and how up-to-date they are on what's new and what's coming out. I also love that CNB teachers are such voracious readers. Today was the first day that staff could sign out summer reading material and I had half a dozen teachers load up on books and I expect more staff to show up tomorrow.

3. Receiving the Devon Energy grant for 2015/16
     My goal for this year was to apply for three grants/awards. I received notification that one of the grant applications didn't make the cut and one I am still waiting to hear about. The successful grant application was for Devon Energy and I'm excited to see how the science teachers incorporate the grant purchased Arduino sets into the curriculum.

4. Participating in the school district's Leadership Academy
     I stepped outside my comfort zone and applied for Leadership Academy and got in. I met some fabulous people and learned a thing or two along the way.

1. Attending Civix Canada's Democracy Bootcamp
     Taylor Gunn and the crew put on an incredible Professional Development event. I've been following politics since my days in junior high and I was amazed at what I learned about government and politics from the Bootcamp. I am excited about the fall federal Student Vote and what we will accomplish.

2. Collaborating.
     Although I enjoy collaborating with everyone on staff, I've never laughed so hard as when I collaborated with Ryan Holly about graphic novels and using Bitstrips.

3. War Museum traveling artifact box
     This was new for us this year and it was an incredible success! I couldn't believe the artifacts the Canadian War Museum sent and how much the students enjoyed learning about the artifacts and how stoked they were to touch the artifacts.

4. Displays
     Kristie, the library assistant, is brilliant and her displays are phenomenal. My favourite display this year was the bookface display because it got both students and teachers talking about books and how awesome is that? 

Goals for next year:
1. Launch more library based science projects
2. Increase reading amongst the grade 8 and 9 students and thus book talk a lot more. I think I need to get into classes more and just read.
3. Bring back the Human Library. I'm looking at you McCabe.
4. Step away from the school and focus on my leadership outside of the district.

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