Sunday, 5 July 2015

Saint Anything Book Club Questions

The questions for #ReadYAlit's Saint Anything Book Club

Q1 Parents usually play a secondary role in a YA novel book. Do you think this is true in Saint anything? Why or why not

Q2 How does the title of the book reflect the theme, characters, or conflict?

Q3 Peyton and Sydney are treated very differently by their parents. Is this realistic?

Q4 Sarah Dessen's books are all about relationships. Which secondary relationship intrigued you in Saint Anything?

Q5 Layla has a strange way of eating french fries. Do you or someone you know have any unique eating habits?

Q6 Sydney loves watching a reality tv show. Why might she be drawn to watch these shows and why do they continue to be popular today?

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  1. Good Questions! They make me want to read the novel and then perhaps even one day....join in on your twitter chat!