Monday, 7 September 2015

2015/6 School goals

With the start of the school year tomorrow, I have been thinking about my library goals for this year. I have realized that my goals can really be broken down into three areas:

1. Students. Like every other teacher librarian out there, I want my library program to be even stronger next year. Although I have a fabulous collection, I would like to diversify a bit more, especially in the areas of hi/lo books and the younger readers collection. I would like to increase library use by the grade 8s and 9s and am looking at doing more book talks with English classes this year.

2. Staff. I love working at CNB, and one of the reasons it is so enjoyable, is that I have incredible colleagues who are willing to not only collaborate but also to try new things. I am looking forward to a year of new collaborations and new ideas. This year I would like to focus on Math collaborations and Science projects. We also have new curriculum to look at this year and start planning for next year. Although the thought of updating my non-fiction to meet new curriculum for Social Studies and Science is a bit daunting, it is also rather exciting too.

3. Myself. Probably the hardest goal to achieve is the one I have set for myself. I have mentioned before that I would like to move my leadership outside of the school. I need new challenges and I have decided that I really enjoy CNB too much to leave and start a program at another school. I would like to become more involved in the local and provincial specialist associations for teacher librarians. I also want to spend more time with Twitter having just launched my own Twitter chat #yabookchat and do a much better job with Student Vote.

As always, I am excited about the new year!

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