Saturday, 12 September 2015

Benefits of Blogging

I have read a couple of articles lately about how the time of the blog has come and gone and that one really should not waste time in blogging. I have been blogging for a few years and I must admit, I have come to enjoy it. My first blog post was a tentative step and I hesitated ever so long before hitting the publish button. I am so glad I finally did hit that publish button because I am very proud of my blog. My blogging is a way for me to reflect on my practice. It is through my blogging that I work through the problems and frustrations of my day. But it is also a place where I celebrate the joys and the highlights of my job.

I once was asked by another teacher why I would make my private reflections so public. I have found there are many benefits to blogging.

1. It keeps me in check. I am aware that anyone could read my blog and so I try to make sure that I am focusing on the issue that has me thinking. As a result, I really do work through what is bothering me or I really do celebrate what is working. This reflection is important because I take the time to articulate my emotions.

2. It provides movement/vision. As a result of reflecting, I can see where I have been and as a result, where I need to go. That sounded like a line from some hokey self help book. What I mean is that my blog forces me to examine my practice and then pushes me to grow.

3. Connectedness. A very unexpected benefit is that a couple of my colleagues read my blog (yes, you!) and, I think, it has given them a glimpse into the world of the teacher librarian or at least my version of it. As teachers we are so very often in our own classrooms and no one know exactly what struggles and triumphs we are individually enduring. A blog can act as a little window into an individual's classroom. My hands down favourite blog to read is by the Home Economics teacher at my school (you can check it out here). I love reading it because it gives me a bit more understanding about her program and what is going on in the Foods room.

Now, if only more of my colleagues would blog...

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