Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fall displays

We have been working really hard this year to change up our displays every two weeks. We are also trying not to duplicate any displays we have done in the past which is easier said than done.

All of the English teachers have agreed to let me put up displays in their classrooms. I pick non fiction books and picture books that stay in the classroom for two weeks. Some displays, like this one, have a theme while others do not. The teachers love having the books there for ELL students, and for students to read when they have some time. I love that my non fiction books and picture books are being used and read and that teachers are promoting these books

Banned book week is always a popular display and this year was no different.

We displayed books that have been banned in various places around the world and attached cards to them so that students could read why they were banned.

One of our first displays of the school year was the "Get in the game, read" display. I like this display because it allowed us to present both non fiction and fiction books. Sport books are often overlooked by our students and I think I need to book talk more sports related books in the future.

I love the addition of actual sports equipment - from basketball and baseball to chess and cards.

Canadian Thanksgiving is much earlier than its American counterpart. This year, Thanksgiving Monday was on October 12th and we put this display up for the beginning of October. We have a fabulous collection of cookbooks and thought this was the best way to highlight the books for our students. We even managed to find some decorative gourds to give the display a more festive feel.

We have launched a large Student Vote campaign this year, to coincide with the Canadian federal election. To go along with our school wide lessons, we made sure our library display also promoted Canadian government and politics. It will be very interesting to see how the students vote in our Student Vote.

We have just put up our Halloween display. Our window display features great non fiction and fiction reads. What I love about this window are all the little touches. There are cobwebs and spiders of course, but there is also purple fabric, potion bottles, and a crow interwoven into the display. We also stole the idea for pumpkin and Frankenstein book displays from the Red Deer Public Library, and have them throughout the Constable Neil Bruce Library's shelves.

We have also decided to try to add a little more flair to the library shelves but adding author quotes. Each author plate features a photo of the author, an interesting quote and their social media handles. We are hoping that those students who refuse to ask for assistance and  just peruse the shelves hoping that a great book will just jump out at them, will use the author quotes to help them find a fabulous read.

I am looking forward to what other displays we (and really I mean the library assistant) come up with over the next few months and the conversations that they generate.

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