Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Student Vote part two

After much planning and teaching, our 2015 Student Vote finally came to an exciting end on Monday October 19th, with our student body lining up in the library to vote. Running a parallel vote is always exhausting but incredibly exciting at the same time. As students came in to vote, I was amazed to hear the articulate, politically accurate conversations that were being had.

Our  library was transformed into a polling station on the Friday before the vote and students andstaff commented on how official it all looked. The day of the vote, we had our leadership students acting as clerks while I went down to classes and escorted them to the library to vote. As I picked up each class, I reminded them to bring their student card as they would need some form of
identification at the polling station. I also spoke about the process: producing i.d., receiving a ballot, marking the ballot with an X and folding it in thirds to place in the ballot box and explained that this was the exact same process that adults experience when they go to the polls. I stressed that adult voters vote behind cardboard voting blinds and place their ballots in a cardboard ballot box. I also explained that that's it, once you've voted nothing spectacular happens, no fireworks, but that participating in the democratic process is in itself pretty spectacular.

I had the leadership students count up the ballots and I must admit I was surprised by our election results.
     Karley Scott (Liberal)          329
     Dan Albas (Conservative)    173
     Robert Mellalieu (Green)       71
     Angelique Wood (NDP)         45 

We announced our Student Vote results on Tuesday, Oct 20th during our morning Mentorship block but before we made the announcement, I had teachers and students asking what the results were. I also had teachers comment that students who typically do not show interest in such activities, were asking for results. And that makes it all worthwhile.

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