Monday, 2 November 2015

BCTLA conference

I love professional development, especially PD that is teacher librarian focused. I had the pleasure of attending BCTLA's annual teacher librarian conference which was held in Surrey this year. Once again, I was blown away with how talented and articulate my colleagues are. I still have so much to learn.

The morning keynote, Lyn Hay from Australia, was fabulous. Hay outlined the role teacher librarians have in finding their niche within the new curriculum. It was delightful to hear someone speak so positively about teacher librarians and teacher librarianship and made me feel like I am on the right track with the new curriculum. I really am fortunate to be working with incredible teachers who are already analyzing the new curriculum and including me in their project discussions.

My first session, Creating Links by Darcy McNee, was very informative. McNee outlined how she assessed what students knew about internet searching and then tailored lessons to teach students more effective search skills. She also highlighted some great resources that I was eager to go and check out. I am excited about tapping some teachers at CNB and asking them to collaborate with me and help implement some internet searching skills in their classes.

I also attended a session by Moira Ekdahl called "Inquiry And The New Curriculum: On Becoming Essential". Ekdahl's session blended quite nicely with Hay's and reaffirmed what we are doing at CNB is good work. Inquiry is messy but that doesn't mean it lacks structure. I do need to immerse myself in the new curriculum and become as well acquainted with it as I am with the old curriculum so I can see the threads that lead to amazing projects.

By the time the third session and my own presentation came around, my head was buzzing with ideas and I was itching to start planning. A big thank you to the BCTLA and all the presenters who shared their knowledge. I'm already looking forward to the next conference.

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