Monday, 1 February 2016

Reflections on my book a day challenge

I haven't posted much on my blog in a month and it's not because I've forgotten about it or that I have nothing to say. This January I decided I would try to read a book a day. I see TLs using the book a day hashtag and wondered it was even possible to accomplish without just reading picture books each day. I didn't think it would be possible to read a YA book each day, so I also included graphic novels in the mix. I have also made the goal to read more graphic novels this year because I am finding more students are reading graphic novels and are asking me for recommendations.

So I tried reading 31 books for the month of January and I made it. The list of the 31 can be found here. What I noticed though is that
  • I struggled keeping the novels straight afterwards as they all began to blur
  • I struggled with the rest of my life. Attempting this did not help with my marking load or my laundry pile.
  • I started becoming pickier about what I was about to read. I certainly wasn't tackling any Sarah J. Maas tomes.
There were positives though.
  • I did end up reading more graphic novels and I enjoyed talking about them with my eldest who is an avid graphic novel reader.
  • I also read a lot of younger novels in the collection (grade 6/7), novels that I tend to avoid.  
In the end though, was it a good challenge? Yes, I think so. I've always wondered if I could do it and now I know that I can. It was also interesting to read one book and see a reference to say, Robert Frost and then read a second book and notice the author also referenced Frost. It felt like there were many random threads connecting the novels in some way.
Would I do the challenge again? No. This challenge reinforced that balance is key in one's life. Also, putting pressure on myself to complete the challenge took a bit of fun out of reading and that's just something I can't let happen again.
Am I up for a different challenge? You bet. In fact, I'm doing the #HubChallenge. If you are interested in joining, check it out here.

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