Sunday, 28 February 2016

Reflections on my leadership goal

As a result of tonight's #bcedchat, I've been reflecting on one of my goals for this year. I decidedd to look back at what I think is my most challenging goal: leadership outside of the school.

What I've accomplished so far:
1. I've managed to pluck up the courage to present at the BCTLA conference. I did go many shades of red, but it went quite well.
2. Presented to the February COTLA meeting about collaboration. It was great to have the teacher librarians at CNB as this was the first time in my 9 years as teacher librarian that I had been asked to host.
3. I was asked to help facilitate Civix Canada's 2016 #Democracy Bootcamp. I was honored to be asked but also extremely nervous. In the end though, it was all worth it.
4. Joined the SSLSA executive and so happy I did as the executive is an incredibly amazing group of people who love history as much as I do!

What I've struggled with:
1. By far the hardest challenge would be myself. I doubt myself: "Why would someone want to hear from me?" "What do I have to offer?" "Good grief, how can I possibly talk for an hour?"
2. Time. It takes a lot of time to do any leadership outside of the building. The prep time for the actual presentation is one thing, then the prep time for a TTOC, and then as a non-enrolling I find there are things that I just can't get a TTOC to do because a lot of my job is about relationships and trust and lots of conversations.
3. Being an introvert. I get exhausted very quickly if I am constantly out. I need to make sure I give myself balance and enough at home time.

What's next:
1. Help the SSLSA plan the summer pro d days. I would like to plan a road trip pro d.
2. Award writing. I want to nominate a couple of colleagues for some awards. Leadership isn't always about me.
3. Look out for some more leadership opportunities!

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