Saturday, 5 March 2016

PAX questions for #YAbookchat

Join us on March 6th at 6pm PST/9pm EST to discuss Pax.

Q1 What words do you associate with this image after having read Pax?
Q2 Comment on the quote, "People should tell the truth about what war costs".

Q3 Setting: both time and place are ubiquitous and we can discuss that. Did you have a visual/image of where and when the novel takes place? Share.

Q4 Vola is such a layered character. What did you like best about her?

Q5 Peter's mother liked that a phoenix rises from its own ashes. Why include this idea in the book?

Q6 At what point did you know that Pax was going to stay in the woods?

Q7 What do you envision Peter doing next?

Q8 Overall, did you like this book? Why or why not?

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